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Traces of a pandemic.

Since the onset of the pandemic, I have been documenting phantom masks on the streets, discarded by their anonymous owners. The masks have become memories/traces of the pandemic as an aftermath, but at the same time, they aid us in realising its presence. It speaks volumes about us as a society and how this piece of personal protective equipment is the new form of trash, and it is here to stay! Just like the pandemic. Apart from the masks, the immediate surroundings of these masks carry a notion of beauty that in a way attracts me because it has the capacity to provide a kind of suffering. The need for creating this museum of masks was an emotional reaction, rather than an informational one, and the purpose of the assemblage is to experience each mask individually and as a whole new organism that is growing every day.


Siddharth Govindan
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Siddharth Govindan

Siddharth Govindan was born on 15th June 1994 and is currently based in Mumbai, India. While creating interventions through the medium of film and photography, his work combines the directness of the social documentary mode - while questioning the nature [...]